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Match Academic Research to Industrial Development


What are benefits for industry?

Industry can strengthen its competitiveness in the region through collaboration with top engineering institutions which have technical expertise and qualified human resources. Industry can search for an eligible research partner who can assist your company in developing an innovative and unique product which responds the rising need of the actual market. Industry can also overcome specific technical issues rooted in the region through knowledge of the research partner who have long experience in the region.

Furthermore, in order to further develop an innovative product which can stay competitive in the market, this project provides an industry with an investment opportunity to perform a customized research; namely, CRI program (Collaborative Research with Industry), in which a fund is granted for a research project conducted by a researcher in the university who hands with an industry in order to turn academic knowledge into commercial output. Collaboration with a member institution can easily be expanded to a region-wide network through SEED-Net.


What do we do for industry?

This project aims to introduce an industry an academic partner to jointly implement a research project which can lead to an innovative and unique product which as a result will be commercialized in the actual market in the future. It also provides research fund opportunity which could actualize an industrial research plan.

Through this project, industry can obtain information of our Member Institutions (MI) such as research topic, academic staff and facility. After knowing the information of MI, an interested industry can request SEED-Net to introduce relevant laboratories of MI with which the industry is interested in joining a research team. The industry and the selected MI may apply for CRI or other external fund in the future.

Apart from the research, this project is also designed to be an information hub to disseminate the knowledge and opportunity about University and industry linkage where industry can learn good practices and challenges through seminars, conference and events of SEED-Net and expand human network among participants.

SEED-Net aims to collaborate with various partners on a wider scale as possible including but not limited to the industries and communities.