Investment Opportunity



Looking for an opportunity to invest in innovation? If you are new to research and development and have an idea for a new product or process that could help further expand your business, AUN/SEED-Net can offer the opportunity to make it a reality with our Collaborative Research Program with Industry (CRI).


CRI Information

AUN/SEED-Net provides a research grant of USD 50,000 over a total period of 2 years. The Principle Investigator of the research project must be a full-time faculty member of an ASEAN university in our network, collaborating with at least one Japanese professor from Japanese Supporting University, and also one partner from industry. The industry invests a 20% counter-budget in the project. We provide this opportunity for approximately 8 projects per year.

Check out the detailed guidelines below.

 See JFY 2016 Application Form 


Success Story

Since the initiation of AUN/SEED-Net's CRI program, many researchers from our Member Institutions have been able to conduct outstanding research activities in collaboration with industry. Find out more about our past CRI success stories here.